Thursday, March 7, 2013

TRESemmé has me nailed....

I pulled out my hairspray the other day and got a little jolt at what was boldly printed in all caps across the side of the aerosol can. "EXTRA FIRM CONTROL" I felt convicted. That's why the transition from being on my own, independent and single to being married has been a little bumpy at moments. I've always preferred EXTRA FIRM CONTROL over everything.  I won't go into my history of my love affair with control- but it's there and for most of you who know me well - know how firmly this is rooted in me and how I've never really listened to you telling me this same thing for... my whole life. 

So now... things are different. Surrender- not just to my husband, but mostly to the Lord- is something that I'm learning right now. To relinquish my hold on every nook and cranny of my life and letting the Lord have it.... which means that most of the time the Lord then passes it on to my husband. My dad always told me that would be a learning curve for me- and it is... but with the releasing of EXTRA FIRM CONTROL, comes a gaining of a peace and rest that cannot be there in the midst of the control. 

It's a much bigger, longer lesson than this blog post- but it's a process. I'm under construction! 

Enjoy this lovely day!