Monday, August 5, 2013

He Ain't No Liar!

Leif and I took a week off last week to have an adventure and take time away with the Lord and HE met us in an amazing way! So excited about the freedom and the crazy love for God that He's renewed in my heart! Another awesome part about that is that I feel like before this week, when Leif told me that he loved me, I felt like it was filling the "love cup" in my heart up from the bottom. It was really good, but he had to fill me up a lot more, I felt so so needy. I realized about half-way through the week, that when Leif told me that he loved me, it felt like my "love cup" was already full and his, "I love you" was just a whip-cream and cherry on-top of the already full "love cup" ... it was so awesome! I feel less needy and more full. Not depressed and SO excited about life! God is so good! 

The Lord also brought to my attention how when I don't believe that He has made a good  thing when He made me, and have self-esteem issues and don't love who He made me to be- I'm calling Him liar. When He made man in the beginning and said, "It is good!" I'm essentially saying... "Actually, no. You messed up here and here and here, and I don't like this and this and this... I'm not the cool kid." 
I don't want to be calling GOD a liar! So, I repented for doing that for my whole life and He has given me this gift of realizing the amazing creation that He's made me to be! I AM the cool kid! I'm His cool kid! :) I'm beautiful and made in His image! 

Loving my Father and enjoying life,