Friday, November 7, 2014

I'd always wanted to be a mommy. Like always. On September 28th, 2013 we found out that that dream (that we thought would be just a bit further in our future) :) would soon be a reality. There were some huge insecurities... many powered by the enemy or raging hormones... I remember bawling my eyes out (weeping, with huge sobs that shook me and everything) on the floor because I didn't have some specific symptom in the What To Expect When You're Expecting book and I must not be normal and what if our baby's not ok?!! Because I don't really feel like I have to pee ALL the time just some of the time (well, that would come...) Or the next night ... same spot on the floor, weeping because we were out of cereal for dinner. (Yeah, life was hard...) :) I have the sweetest husband who blew the budget out the window in my first trimester trying to get me any food that tasted good. He thought pizza was a good idea one night, but little did he know that I'd had a dream about throwing up after eating pizza and just seeing the box made me sick. Poor guy.

ANYWHO.... This season right now. Baby boy 5 months old. Is. The. Sweetest. I'm just in love with my husband -seeing him in this role as a dad and seeing how Levi looks at him. Wow. Just adores his daddy. Can't keep concentrated in nursing when Daddy walks in the room... flipping over backwards down to try to see him upside down. Every time. (Heart melts)

Seeing my siblings with him....

Their smiles... ahh... 

hanging out in pumpkins.... um... cuz that's just what we do.

His smile... and that high pitched squeal. You can hear it, can't you? :)

Those monkey toes  :)

As Elf would say in ... um... Elf.. you know- the Christmas movie. I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. :D I love being a mommy! And just a quick word to those hum-buggers and grinches out there who tell me that "You just wait- they're terrible at 13" or "Twos- they'll be a nightmare at two" and "Ahhh! I bet you NEVER sleep" 
You know what? Just stop. Go back to your Mt. Crumpet. Seriously. Who says those kind of things to a young mommy- who obviously adores her little man?! AND- it doesn't have to be that way. My husband and I were delightful at 13 and pray that we raise our children to be as well. AND- Levi sleeps great! I'm well rested and LOVING being a mom. There... that felt better. I've been wanting to say that for awhile.