Saturday, February 28, 2015

I love him more

Wednesday night we had a very scary episode with Levi. It was my mom's birthday, we were finishing off the birthday dinner with some birthday fruit salad and feeding the soft banana bits to Levi who was enjoying it immensely, until something went down the wrong way, or he had an allergic reaction to it.... we're still trying to decide what exactly went wrong. He threw up thick goop about every 5 min for a while- slowing the time between each episode got further apart. I mean slllloooowlllly.... I think it all started around 7:30 p.m. and he seemed to be mostly better by midnight. Folks- this may be the scariest thing that's ever happened to Leif and I. Watching our poor boy gasp for air and throw up for hours... (so glad that we were at my parent's house- both nurses) We both just wanted to bawl our eyes out. In between each episode, Levi would collapse in my arms- so weak. It just broke our hearts!

I spent the night at my parents (Snow storm on it's way and didn't want to be snowed in at our house if he got worse.) So, by midnight I felt like I could lay him down in the pack and play and lay on the couch right beside him and watch him sleep and listen to him breath. Scary. Night.

8 a.m. the next day I wake up (I'd fallen asleep?! How did that happen?) Levi scratching the side of the pack and play with his finger nails and squealing at the top of his lungs as my parent's Cat ambled by. He was doing GREAT and wanted to be let out so that he could army crawl around the house after the Cat. She likes to stay about 2 feet away- but enjoys the attention.

I think he snuggles just a bit more now, and I think I love him even more after going through this. Whew. Praise the Lord for a healthy boy who's little body did great handling whatever was upsetting it. And praise HIM for bringing Levi back to perfect health so quickly.

It's been three days- but all I want to do is hold him and kiss his so-soft cheeks, but he's much too busy for too much of that.... places to go, things to suck on, messes to make! :) I love it.