Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well, the wedding is over (That deserves a full blog-post), we're home from the honeymoon (sort of - we like to still think we're on it... for the next 75 years... and I'll blog about the honeymoon later too) and I'm unpacking and trying to make it feel like my home too. We are in the most beautiful little apartment downtown within walking distance of the bank, post office, farmer's market (May-October), little health food store, and dollar theater. We also just found a pharmacy on a recent walk downtown.... that's been there since the 1960's. :)

We have been so blessed by everyone with gifts for our home! It has been so much fun arranging it all. Christmas is less than two weeks away, and our Christmas Tree looks lovely with all of the hand-painted decorations from A.C. Moore and the tree-skirt that was a hand-made gift from Leif's great-grandmother. More pictures soon- they're all on my computer and I left my charging cord on the honeymoon.... So I"m writing from my HUSBAND'S computer. I love saying that. :)

Married life is lovely. Not a walk in the park 100% of the time, but lovely. Every little trial that comes along has the ability to knit us closer together if we'll let it!

My Hubby's off at work, and I'm off to take advantage of him being gone and go Christmas shopping and wrapping before he comes home. :)

Have a Very Merry Christmas! More Soon!

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