Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dear Lord....


Help me to learn how to not take offense,
how to not let things bother me,
and to see things in a longer time perspective, rather than this moment. 
Because... in the scheme of things, the stuff that bothers me right now- doesn't really matter. 

Help me to breath you in and breath the other things out. 

To have a short term memory when it comes to hurts, and to think about a person's character- 
that they don't mean to hurt me (most of the time), and to give them the benefit of the doubt. 
Help me to think of others before myself and to remember that it's not all about me.
Help me to love my husband the way he loves me: selflessly, patiently and humbly. 
Help me to not be the leaky roof wife.... (Proverbs 27:15)

I can't do this alone- and I call on you for your help.


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