Friday, May 9, 2014

Today Is The Day

Photo by Leif Abel

Several weekends ago, a man from our church approached Leif and I after the service telling us "Today is the Day" - he wasn't sure exactly what it pertained to, but urged us to just bring it before The Lord and ask what exactly He wanted to show us in that word. 
Off and on, that day, Leif and I brought it up together in prayer and weren't really hearing anything. Both of our first thoughts were about the baby.... but it was a little early for him to come that day- so that couldn't be it. Our second thoughts were both about his job... but weren't sure what about it exactly. That night I lay in bed and felt like a kid who didn't get what they wanted for Christmas. Kind of let down. I lay there really bummed and asked the Lord what the deal was? I thought something was going to happen today- but nothing did. I don't get it.  

He responded, I could feel His smile...

I did do something today. I planted the seed of expectancy in your hearts. You lived today like no other day. You both lived it with the expectancy that something big was about to go down. That's how I want you to live every day. I want you to wake up and expect me to move, expect me to use you, expect STUFF to HAPPEN! Because I do move everyday, but your eyes just aren't open to see it all the time. 

I LOVE that! I want to do that every morning.... because I've found it drastically changes my day. When I live with eyes wide open.... with baited breath.... I see the ripples in the water, I see the hand of God in little and big ways. And I am amazed. 

Today is the day
I will be used by you
That I will be poured out and you will pour in

Today is the day 
that you will move mountains
that my petitions will be heard
and boulders will be moved

Today is the day
Your children will be healed and made whole
Use me today and everyday 
to leave your handprint on their hearts

Today is the day
Relationships will be made whole
families restored
hurts healed- no offenses taken

Today is the day 
that you walk upon this land
as I reach out, we partner in creation
we join hands

Today is the day 
Let me walk in thoughtful expectancy
Looking out- help my eyes to see
Remind me that everyday- miracles are in your plan

I hope this changes how you see today, and tomorrow and every day.  Be excited! HE is moving! 


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